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Mirabai the Barefoot Princess
is a musical about the girl who fell in love with a God. Listen to a song below and for more go to MIRABAI 

Original Work

“I try to keep my audience entertained on an old-fashioned level. Give us a song! Somebody fall over!”  
         ~Emma Rice, of Kneehigh Theatre
Mirabai of Merta
00:00 / 03:13
 Jerusalem Story

is a play based on a true story that I read in the New York Times about an Arab and a Jew who ran a Roman-themed restaurant together in the Old City of Jerusalem. Ismail and Shlomo just want to run a business in a place where volatile politics can sometimes get in the way. The play starts off as a farce, includes a few bones of contention, a couple of nuns, adultery, a play within a play, music and a mysterious prophet.         5M 4F
Songs and Fears
is a solo play with music that I wrote and performed at the Marsh. It deals with modern angst, dilemmas and fears, such as the fear of marriage, kids, male rage, becoming president, death, and chocolate. 
and listen to Oral Stimulation

These vintage pre-digital recordings of 

Destined to be President and Testosterone are from the first Gulf War Era, but are sadly just as poignant today.

Fallen Buddha

is a rock musical about flower children  

Samson, February and General Confusion, who get conned by a sinister salesman to sell health products and soon fall under his spell,  farther and farther away from their youthful ideals until Samson takes a job working for the arms industry selling drone



Click below to listen to my very first recording,

of Love My Futon, which made it into the play as an ad for what else? futons!                                               

     also hear Transportable Junk  and Atari Army


Leah Sirkin: vocals, violin

Mirabai of MertaTano Brock- keys, guitars, percussion,recording; Love My Futon: Rodney Alan Greenblat- keyboard, recording, vocals; Rob Lederer- guitars, vocals,keys/recording, all other songs on this page. 

All songs by Leah Sirkin, may not reproduce or copy in any form without permission from the artist.

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